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Our products, services & after sales support are best suited for shops, boutiques, resellers and home based businesses, party/reception order, exhibitions or uniform purchases for hospitals, event management/hospitality sectors. We do not encourage sales/support to end customers for personal consumption. To know if you are eligible for our support - talk to us prior to the order.

Non catalog items - Jumbles & Triplets

  1. Non catalog items are non-branded and made by small scale manufacturers, house-based weavers, dyeing or screen printing suppliers
  2. The quantity of manufacturing will be less than 30 units
  3. There could be stock issues in a jumble catalog, as few pieces could go out of stock even after confirmed orders. This is because the scale of manufacturing will be very low compared to the regular branded suppliers
  4. Eg: if the order is for 8pcs and in the unfortunate incident of only 6pcs available. Then we will be refunding you for the 2pcs short. And your order will be shipped with the 6 available pieces
  5. We will not be able to take a cancellation request for the full set even if there are design numbers missing
  6. The photograph and the actual product will have variations mainly because the photos are taken on ordinary camera or mobile phone
  7. In case you wish to order only for top branded items, we have a quality score, catalog recommendation = yes/no displayed below each product. Items with yes are passing our quality criteria.
  8. Due to the lower quality score for jumble item - we do not entertain returns/replacement for these products. We strongly suggest you to select from the recommended items we are selling - talk to one of our sales representative for best results.

Payment Terms

  1. Payments are fully advance, prepaid. The cost of the product and shipment cost has to be paid in advance.
  2. Our Shipments team cannot clear and ship the item without getting clearance from accounts team.
  3. Payments done through payumoney, paytm, ccavenue or paypal will be refund adjusted on your next purchase. There will not be refund back to the bank accounts for payments made via paytm or payu gateway. This is because these service providers charge 2 to 3.5% surcharge for each transaction. If you request amount to be refunded back to your bank account, then the surcharge amount will not be refunded. Kindly get in touch with us @ or to know what will be refund amount for these orders.
  4. Payments can be done using either of these methods
    1. NEFT Bank transfer
    2. Cash Deposit on our South Indian or HDFC Bank
    3. Credit/Debit cards or net banking. Additional fees of 3% may be levied for this service.
    4. Wallet systems like paytm, oxygen etc. Additional fees may apply.
    5. International credit cards – VISA, AMEX, Maestro
    6. Paypal – additional 5.5% transaction fees may apply.
    7. Cheque
    8. Demand Draft
    9. Cash payments – At our Surat or Kochi office only.
    10. Your order status will be automatically changed to “Payment Received” after we have received the payment.

Order Cancellation

  1. Orders can be cancelled within 30 minutes of placing them by sending us an email at or
  2. Our systems will auto process the order on clearance from our fraud system’s team; this usually happens within 30 minutes.
  3. Orders will be processed to the manufacturer’s queue after 30 minutes and following which the cancellations will be valid only if the brand runs out of stock.
If the item is not in stock or unable to ship we will issue a full refund to your store credit (wallet). The refunds will be done immediately and you can use the same for future purchases. If you request a refund to be done back to your bank account, we shall do the same in 3 to 5 working days. The credit/debit surcharge or PayPal surcharge is non refundable if a bank refund option is opted. Whereas this surcharge is fully refundable if its done to your store credit (wallet)
Eg: If you have paid Rs1000 including credit/debit surcharge is Rs10. The refund for (1) wallet will be Rs1000 full amount & (2) to bank account will be 1000-10 = Rs990

Shipping & Delivery

  1. Every product has to be sourced, arranged, packed and shipped to the customer location.
  2. The time to ship normally varies from 1 day to upto 15 days.
  3. The time to ship will be indicated by our orders team within 30 minutes of order confirmation.
  4. You are requested to get confirmation from or if the shipping time mentioned is beyond your wait period and the order cancellation procedure has to be initiated.
  5. Our orders team will ship the orders 99.99% within the SLA mentioned. Eg: if we say we ship in 5 days, 99.99% we ship it within the 4th day itself.
  6. Shipment time is dependent on the availability of the product at the brand’s warehouse.
  7. We will help you get the claims of loss of parcel or shipment if the items are dispatched through courier service of our network. Incase the shipments are sent out through couriers of customer's preference - we may not be able to track or compensate for loss of shipments.
  8. Shipments are also dependent on our quality check department current order queue.
  9. We will not be responsible for the delays or SLA slippages caused by the courier companies. However we will escalate to the respected authorities of the courier agencies if the shipping is delayed beyond the committed time.
  10. Customers are requested to get the dipsatch commitment from the respective courier agencies. Normally they will indicate the exact time to deliver in their web tracking results.
  11. We will not be held accountable for loss of SLA caused by the courier companies.
  12. In case of defect or damage for international shipments, the courier charges of the same will not be reimbursed. Only the catalog cost will be reimbursed.
  13. The return courier charges for international shipments has to be borne by the buyer and the same will not be reimbursed by us. We have the reimbursement policy only for domestic shipments in India and a max of Rs70 per order will be reimbursed.
  14. Octroi, customs duty and other courier final receipt charges may be levied by the courier companies from time to time. We may not be able to predict or forecast these charges.
  15. Usage of free shipping coupons will ensure items are shipped through economical shipment methods. Selection of standard shipping method will not make a difference as it will be denoted with zero cost on applying the coupon. Standard shipping is applicable only for fully paid option.
  16. Incase of the items are returned if the customer has not accepted the parcel, then the returns courier charge will be levied from the customer's payment. The amount refunded will be the catalog cost minus forward and toward shipping costs. Min amount of 590 per catalog will be levied for parcel returns arising out of incorrect address provided by the customer, or denying the normal parcel delivery.
  17. If the shipping label is once generated, the amount is not returnable. The shipping charges can be adjusted on next shipments.

 Quality Assurance

  1. The items we list, purchase, stock, ship are 100% original branded products.
  2. Quality is assured for items that are catalog recommendation  = yes (assured by ethnicsmart). You can find this below each product description
  3. We have in-house quality check team to carefully inspect, evaluate, screen, inspect and scrutinize each and every product before its cleared for shipping.
  4. The pakistani suits displayed on the site are made in india, by indian brands. There will be variation in the products from the photographs posted online, this is because the photographs are taken on the items made in pakistan. Whereas the products are re-made in India at a lower rates using inferior fabrics to meet mass scale.
  5. Items that do not pass our Quality Check will not be shipped, instead it will be sent back to the manufacturer.
  6. Our primary target customers are resellers, retailers and shop owners. We do not support or encourage purchase for personal use, mainly because the end user might not be familiar with the product type, fabric info & quality of products & good will of brand. In case you need us to comment on the quality of the item, send us an email to or prior to purchase.
  7. We will wait for the manufacturer to replace the item for 3 days; else we will refund the item to the customer’s account.
  8. We will ship the existing package to the customer address if the customer fails to respond to our defect/damage related email update
  9. The items gone for replacement will be shipped separately to customer's shipment address. This cannot be shipped to any other address
  10. Based on the weight of the replaced item - the company will decide on who will bear the shipping charges. Normally light weight packages ie less than 3kg will be borne by us. Above that has to be borne by the customer.
  11. If the customer asks us to hold the shipment till the entire package is replaced - we can do that on instruction.
  12. If there are multiple items awaiting replacement - then we need to wait for the entire batch to arrive for shipment initiation.
  13. Refund will be processed to the wallet system (called as BSYNCASH). Customer can use this amount adjusted in the next purchase.
  14. Refunds provided as coupon code or wallet adjustments will be valid for a time limit of 3 months or close of the same financial year whichever comes first.
  15. The quality is as per the brand promise only. The customers are advised to compare the brand, its reputation, its prior releases and its market demand before measuring the quality standards.
  16. Quality is also dependant on the price of the product. Higher the price, the quality of the product goes up.
  17. Quality is also dependant on the fabric, work and nature of the product. For eg a cotton product and georgette fabric has different checkpoints to be considered before assessing quality.
  18. There will not be any returns or replacements for triplet products as these are sourced from the dealers and not from the manufacturer directly. The chances of deviations from specifications on color, fabric info and percieved quality will differ when items are sourced from 2nd party dealers and vendors. Our quality policy is applicable for bundle products only, where they are sourced directly from the manufacturers/brands.
  19. Major Amendment (Mar-09-2016)– Catalog products that are tex prints, screen prints & simple print work will be sold & shipped AS IS. These products are not liable for our quality check procedures by default. As per manufacturer standards – these products are anticipated to have 3 to 5% variations in quality, liable for minor defects, minor stitching mismatches.
    1. Manufacturers have advised us not to accept returns for these products.
    2. Customers are advised to use best judgment of brand, manufacturer before purchasing these products.
    3. These products will not be opened, checked for defects or damages – and the package as provided by the manufacturer will be shipped to the customer.
    4. Since the manufacturer cannot accept returns for these catalogs, we cannot help the customer return this item back to the manufacturer.
    5. Our team will provide an additional option of quality check facility at a nominal service charge – this facility is to help the customer avoid defective items with 100% accuracy.

Returns and Replacement

  1. Returns are accepted only for items that are catalog recommendation  = yes (assured by ethnicsmart). You can find this below each product description
  2. Returns are entertained only if there is a damage or defect in the item shipped to you.
  3. Items can be returned within 10 days of purchase date. However the nature of the defect or damage has to be intimated to us at or within 24 hours of the receipt of the item.
  4. The replacements/refund will be done only for the damaged items. non damaged items cannot be returned or replaced.
  5. Overseas payments via swift or bank transfer may not be refundable back to the customer's bank as international refunds are not available within India. Customers are requested to claim the refunds on their next booking. Incase you have a counterparty with any bank of India - we can get the amount reversed. In case you have used a credit/debit card or payment gateway for overseas payments - the amount can be returned through the gateway. Note the credit/debit surcharge of 3% may not be refundable.
  6. We advise our customers to duly open and inspect each and every product on receipt of the same and duly inform us on any possible deviations or defect.
  7. Failure to inform us on damage or defect within 24 hours of receipt of item does not qualify for exchange, returns or replacements.
  8. After you have informed the defect, you have upto 10 days of the purchase date to ship us the item.
  9. Returned item that reaches us after 31st day of purchase date does not qualify to be replaced, exchanged or refunded. Instead we will ship the item back to you.
  10. The product has to be returned in the original condition, the product, its image or packing should not be tamperered or altered. If the product is not returned in original condition - the replacement or refund will not be processed.
  11. The decision of the manufacturer on the returns claims will be final, if the returns are not approved by the manufacturer - we have to send the same goods to the customer in their next order.
  12. Item that are replaced or returns or products pending/excess/overhang with us has to be claimed/shipment requested/shipped with next order within 3 months of replacement date. If no new order is logged in 3 months and returns claimed, the same will be disposed off or to charity. Claim requests will not be entertained after 3 months. This is done to free our shelf life & help preserve the conditons of brand new items that are stocked.
  13. Deeptex, Mayur and Lassa brand has no returns policy even on damages.
  14. Major Amendment (Mar-09-2016) – Entry level tex prints, simple print work catalogs are not liable for returns or replacements. These catalogs are sold as is, as provided by the manufacturer.
    1. Manufacturer will not accept returns of these catalogs.
    2. Customers are advised to use the best judgment before purchase of tex print catalogs.
    3. We ship the products as we get from the manufacturer & these items are branded as produced by the manufacturer.
  15. Minor Amendment (Apr-30-2016) –   Items will be taken back in case of tear for products that are not even quality checked by us. We have negotiated with the manufacturer to take back such items that are torn. The following conditions will apply
    1. The defect/tear has to be informed to us within 24 hours of receipt
    2. The image of the product has to be emailed to us at or  which will then be forwarded to the respective manufacturer for claims.
    3. You have to ship back the item to the origin address – which will be specified by our quality team as reply to your email.
    4. The shipping fees will not be refunded only the cost of the product will be refunded.
    5. Returns courier charges are not reimbursed if you had opted for free shipping option or any coupon codes to avail shipping discounts. In case you have paid for the shipping, then the returns courier charges are reimbursed or we will arrange for reverse-pickup (fedex serviceable locations)
  16. We do not accept returns for the following reasons
    1. Non interest for the customer to buy
    2. Not a genuine buying interest.
    3. Fraudulent customers or competitors
    4. Not interested in the color of the product
    5. Not interested in the fabric of the product
    6. Shipments that reached within our promised SLA
    7. Customer not able to sell the product
    8. Oversight of the customer about the product purchased: eg if the customer thinks she ordered MF-3 and she receives MF-4.

                                                              i.      Our final decision lies with the product ordered as per the invoice bill.

                                                            ii.      If the bill says the customer ordered for MF-4, then the return will not be entertained.

                                                          iii.      If the bill says the customer orders for MF-3 and we wrongly shipped MF-4, then we will accept the returns.

  1. The returns postage has to be paid by the customer.
  2. You can return the parcel to

    Mgr: &
    c/o Bsync Fashion LLP, 3rd floor, vishwas bldg, kailash nagar, majura gate, ring road, Surat, Gujarat 395002 
    GSTIN: 24AAPFB5832Q1ZV

  3. If the manufacturer fails to identify the defect or damage, the returns claim will not be entertained instead the product will be shipped back to the customer.

  4. If there are no manufacturing defect and the customer needs to return the item - the forward and backward courier charges will be deducted and refunded. This facility is only available if the manufacturer has pre-approved to take back the items even with no defect on it. Contact our customer care on which all manufacturers has these returns condition.
  5. Items that are altered stitched cannot be returned or replaced. The customer has to get the measurement charts accurately communicated to us before stitching process.
  6. All COD parcel will be sent with a token advance of Rs1000 or 20% of the shipment value whichever is higher. This amount is non refundable in case the customer is failing to collect the parcel. If a delivery attempt has to be delayed or rescheduled, the customer can get in touch with our sales executive.

 Images and Copyright

  1. All the images provided by BSYNC are provided by third party, supplier, manufacturer, etc and BSYNC does not hold any responsibility for copyrights or any other intellectual rights.
  2. Color variations:- colors may slightly vary or may not, from what you see on your monitor with the actual piece. This may be because of monitor resolution or picture tube variances.
  3. The image shown is shot from the master piece and we always ensure we send you the exact shown colored product with the same workmanship and prints. Products with dyeing work may have slight color variations because of manual dyeing process.
  4. Contents are protected under copy right law, copyright no. Dy-6010/2012- co/c. Any reproduction or copy in whole or part without written permission is strictly prohibited & offense under law.
  5. Please note due to various types of lighting's and flash used while photo shoot, the color shade of the product may vary. The brightest shade seen is the closest color of the product.
  6. Product might slightly change from image due as some suppliers use extra material for shoot & other reasons.

Privacy & Cookie Restrictions


All The Images Provided By BSYNC Are Provided By Third Party, Supplier, Manufacturer, Etc And BSYNC Fashion Does Not Hold Any Responsibility For Copyrights Or Any Other Intellectual Rights. Color Variations:- Colors May Slightly Vary than seen on monitor. We strive to be 100% accurate with respect to the content, product description, price and fabric detail and images of the product. As we rely on reputed concerns to get this description – there are chances that the information presented may vary with the actual content. Customers are requested to check with us and confirm on the accuracy of the presented information. BSYNC Fashion will not be responsible for variation in content related to the product being sold. Entry level cotton products are subject to bleeding – the phenomenon of losing color during the first couple of washes. Almost all the cotton product has this behavior and the customers are requested to wash the product in mild/no detergent in the first couple of washes. Our quality check is liable to identify any manufacturing defect, damages or variations from the manufacturer claimed product. The possible identifies are holes, tear, stitching wear out, grease, soiled or dusty patches. Minor issues in print for product less than 500 INR per piece will not be filtered out by our QC team. In case of damages or defects that leaked out from our QC team, we are liable to take back the item from the customer. The customer is requested to ship back the item at own cost, if the customer claim is successful, we will replace the product – send back the item and refund the shipment costs that we originally charged the customer.



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