Note: this is an addon feature and it may cost between 2 to 5% of the total order value. Please get in touch with our sales team for extra QC

We are adopting this 23 point quality policy across all products we deal in. This will help you ensure that the shipped product is meeting the best-in-class quality requirements.

If there are quality issues in the products inspected, the same will be communicated to the buyer and necessary actions taken. We request you not to skip this quality procedure to meet the speed of shipment.

Each catalog will have a separate copy of QC checklist sent across. The carbon copy will be retained and filed with us for future reference. Since we ship items directly to your customers, we have not kept any branding/label in the QC checklist form. So its 100% safe for you to drop-ship the item.

For eg: If your order has 4 bundles, then 4 sheets will be attached in the shipment sent to you. This will give you a detailed report on the Quality Process done by our team.

We normally ship within 4 hours of item receipt from the manufacturer/dealer/brand. Our quality check procedure will be completed within this 4 hour window. We have seen isolated cases where our customers requested us to ship the items soon & thereby skipping our QC process.

 Items that skips the QC procedure will not be replaced or refunded.

To download this in pdf format - click here

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