Today is our 9th Anniversary (11/11/2020) and we wish all our customers good health and prosperity. We are thankful to have great customers & suppliers who walked hand-in-hand with us.

As we say always, the journey was never a straight road  - it was filled up with curves, ups, downs and few gutters on the way. Occasionally we had the privilege to see green shoots & fantastic scenery.

This year has been pretty rough with the pandemic and lockdowns. In fact we made a great launch on women’s day this year (our retail site) but it failed to take off due to the 3 month lockdown enforced.

We also faced difficulties in opening our offices due to restrictions in Surat textile market (hard defined working hours, odd-even schedule, restricted entry to/from shops). We were able to mitigate this risk by shifting our office out of the prime textile market. We shifted to a warehouse/fulfilment facility that can be kept open 16/7. This ensures work flexibility and better shipment handling.

We are quite aware that the challenges faced by you/your business would have been equally or manifold higher than we faced. We keep getting messages from our regular customers that its quite tough to get their business operated, very few customers walking-in and logistic challenges to parcel out their orders.

We hope that this pandemic will be brought to control and normalcy restored in the next 3 to 6 months. The best strategy now would be to survive and live to tell the tale tomorrow.

There are 3 innovations we have implemented or in the pipeline

  1. Open a clearance category that will list products with discounts (price slash). This will help you average the cost of procurement. See here
  2. ELITE1 reseller club – More specialised offers and discounts for our elite1 family – see here
  3. A dedicated mobile app for easy and simple catalog browsing (work in progress)

As a small token of gratitude you can use coupon code: 9YEAR to get discount of Rs300 x 9 times. Total discounts value = Rs2700


Best Regards,
Bsync Fashion LLP


PS: validity of coupon code extended till 6th of Dec 2020



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